Rooted in China, Aiming at the World.

We actively follow the national policy “Belt and Road Initiative”, quickens our pace in going abroad, with the determination of being a world-class conglomerate.

Forest-pulp-paper integration
project in Laos

Sun Paper's "forest-pulp-paper integration" project in Laos has a 400,000-ton chemical pulp project and a 100,000-hectar pulp forest.
2Sun Paper Holding Laos Co., Ltd., a wholly-funded subsidiary under Sun Paper, was formed in August 2010.


Sun Bio Material Project
in Arkansas

On April 26, 2016, Sun Paper's Chairman Li Hongxin and State of Arkansas governor Asa. Hutchinson signed a memorandum of understanding on investment cooperation, indicating that Sun Paper's biorefinery project officially landed in Arkansas.
With a prospective investment of USD1-1.3 billion, the project will create 250 full-time direct jobs in the local..

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